Swim House in Lichfield is now offering swimming lessons to the public in Lichfield and the surrounding areas for all ages.
From babies, children starting at age 4 right up to mature adults, anyone can learn to swim. We are a book in advance lesson lead facility, not a public swimming bath.
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Our coaching philosophy combines highly experience coaches with the latest in swimming technology. Lessons are booked in blocks of 9.

We are open from 6am - 10pm our facilities are open all year round apart from Christmas Day.

We have a variety of coaching sessions to help you learn at your own pace. Swim House is proud of the wealth of experience of all our swim staff and our cutting edge teaching methods.  

If you want swimming lessons in Lichfield area then we are here to help. Some of the unique features we offer that are ahead of the swimming tech curve are Cyber Boards, Underwater headsets, and Vasa.

The Cyber Board is the most popular swim tech at our facility. It is a motorized kickboard that we use to show young swimmers how the water feels as they are moving through the water. More advanced swimmers can use the board as well for warming down and kick sets.

Myjukes is a bone conduction headset that allows the coaches and swim teachers to guide the pupils whilst they are swimming. The Vasa is a brilliant way to practice your stroke technique and build swimming strength without having to get wet. 


Unfortunately due to the current climate, the majority of people have missed out on learning to swim for over a year now. As a new facility for swim lessons in Lichfield we have many hours worth of Primary school water time available during the week.

Listening to the advice of head teachers we have come to an understanding that bus hire factors in for a large a large portion of the cost of the cost connected with school swimming as opposed to actual swimming. 

 As we have access to the whole swimming complex, pupils receiving lessons will be split into four groups. The first group goes in the water whilst the second group will have access to the Dry Pool fitness studio including use of the Vasa. Both the third and fourth group will attend lessons in a converted cafe that doubles as a teaching space, learning stroke and kick techniques as well as how to breathe whilst swimming.

Mel Marshall, Double Olympian and coach of Adam Peaty said “Wow what a fantastic idea! In such uncertain times the team at Swim House should be applauded for their vision and determination. I hope Lichfield District Council give this planning application the green light. Initiatives like this give me great hope for the future of our sport. What an amazing asset for Staffordshire. I look forward to watching this project develop”. 


Vulcan Road, Lichfield,
WS13 6GB, United Kingdom


Phone: 07976 246825


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